About JustCallMeTyra


I am a reflective and highly imaginative soul, so this blog is a space where I honor my need for a creative release. I have thoughts and stories running through my head constantly and without this blog, they would remain trapped there.

The title of my blog is inspired by one of my many stories. When I was 9, I desperately wanted a nickname. I passionately rebuked the one nickname that people tried to hand to me, “Ty,” for reasons I share with you in my first blog, Gabby Douglas’ hair bothers me, but not for the reasons most people might think… None of the other nicknames I tried on ever really stuck. So, whenever people would ask if I had a nickname, I started to tell them, “Well, my real name is Tyrannosaurus, but you can just call me Tyra!” And there it was.

JustCallMeTyra is a space that pays tribute to the harmony and discord between my lived experiences and truth. It is a blog that focuses on the rich life-lessons that can only be accessed once this imbalance is explored in a deep and honest way.

I invite you into my word space with the sincere hope that you will be open to what I am offering. Reflect, consider, share, laugh, cry, critique–all  in the spirit of joy and enlightenment. In my world, these things can absolutely coexist.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you! From this point forward, there’s no need for formalities: We’re friends now!

So, please… JustCallMeTyra!


2 thoughts on “About JustCallMeTyra

  1. The creative process is a life process; a means by which we weave through the many obstacles that life presents us with day to day. Writing, being creative, is an homage to these obstacles, as they are a part of our process–those who consider themselves to be creative see stories or paintings, rather than the asshole who cut me off on the Dan Ryan. Because of this process, we are able to weave in and out of the many day to day dealings with a sense of inspiration, rather than angst. When we create, all that we absorb is able to be purged, so we can rest, relax and enjoy our fleeting time on this planet. Writer’s write, Tyra, because they have to–otherwise they’re not being true to themselves and they carry around matters long past. The creative process is a life process; and life is beautiful


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